Acoustics laboratory

The institute developed the possibility of sound power level measurements according to EN ISO 9614 and EN 12102 and sound pressure level measurements in anechoic sound room and in the field from various applications. In addition, in cooperation with you as an industrial partner, developments and optimizations of low-noise devices or machines are competently implemented.


Thanks to our sound room, acoustic measurements at frequencies below 100Hz can be carried out without any problems. The noises to be examined can be both narrow and broadband. This room can be used, among other things, to determine the directivity of a sound transmitter, the localization of individual sources of interference on sound-emitting machines and acoustic investigations on relatively quiet noise sources.

Low reflection acoustic chamber

  • Sound power level measurements carried out in our laboratory and in the field according to the international standards EN ISO 9614-1 and 9614-2.
  • Sound pressure measurements in anechoic sound room and in the field
  • Frequency band analyzes from 10 to 20,000 Hz using sound pressure or sound intensity to determine the interference frequencies of a machine
  • Software for the determination of harmonic harmonics of a machine to minimize structure-borne noise transmission in the system
  • Acoustics software for visualizing and localizing sound
  • Acoustic frequency measurements <100 Hz (both narrow and broadband)
  • Internal dimensions of the sound room = 2850 x 2850 x 1800 mm (W x D x H)
    (Dimensions of the machine to be measured up to 750 x 1500 x 1400 mm)