Research project

Profitable IoT applications in the construction / real estate industry using discrete event simulation

Discrete event simulation is designed to enable the identification and design of IoT applications in the construction/real estate industry. The individual ex ante proof of feasibility and economic benefit reduces the investment risks of the companies and at the same time USP of PortaNet.

The Swiss construction/real estate industry is characterized by tough competition. Here, IoT applications (IoT-AW) have the potential to be a game changer. However, there are hardly any profitable IoT-AW so far. This Innosuisse project aims to show how companies in the window, door and shading industry can realize them. The core of the project is the development of a simulation model (SM) that demonstrates the successful monetization of various IoT-AW under complex framework conditions. By simulating the financial outcome of an application, risks are reduced and bad investments are avoided, which ultimately facilitates the broad diffusion of IoT-AW. The proof of profitability of this IoT-AW is a unique selling point compared to the competition and, thanks to the modular structure, serves to expand the business model (GM) of PortaNet (main implementation partner) with the sale of licenses and infrastructure (sensor, cloud, etc.). Specifically, IoT AW will be designed based on use case patterns and their feasibility will be evaluated. Unlike in the past, the customer is to be actively supported in the identification of the IoT-AW and the economic benefit quantified.
Enablers are the optimization of the existing sensor, which now takes into account the requirements of windows, doors and shades, as well as an end-to-end digital information standard (IS) for these components via digital twin. The development and testing of the SM, sensor and IS will be done in cooperation with selected project partners (Jansen, Aepli, Schenker, GS1). Real use cases are enabled by associated partners (Zurich Airport, CasaInvest, Jos. Berchtold).

Duration: 15.03.2022 - 15.03.2024




PortaNet AG

Schenker Storen AG

GS1 Switzerland

Aepli Metallbau AG

Jansen AG