Program content and structure

The Industrial Engineering and Management degree program has a modular structure and teaches content from four areas of expertise. Practical knowledge transfer takes place in a variety of courses and in various cross-program projects.

Study content

Your education and training as an industrial engineer are built upon four expertise areas alongside knowledge transfer.

  • Mathematics and natural sciences
  • Technology, production, logistics, IT
  • Corporate leadership and management
  • Corporate communications and culture
  • Knowledge transfer

The program has a modular structure, whereby courses are completed each semester. To a large extent, students can flexibly design their curriculum themselves. Alongside the obligatory core courses, students can individually shape their degree program to a large extent with elective and optional courses.

  • Core courses: must be taken by all students and the majority must be passed
  • Elective courses: help you personalize the structure of your degree and can be flexibly selected/dropped
  • Optional courses: help you to close gaps in your knowledge and acquire further skills, but do not count towards the ECTS credits required for graduation


You can complete the Industrial Engineering and Management degree program as a full-time student in six semesters (three years) or as a part-time student in eight to nine semesters (approx. four years). Part-time study allows students to combine work and study. During eight to nine semesters, you will have around 20 lessons per week (corresponds to 4 half days). This allows you to take on a job with between 50 and 70 percent of full-time hours. In principle, it is also possible to work while studying full-time, but with significantly reduced hours.

The lesson times depend on the chosen place of study. 

  • Full-time, St. Gallen: approx. 30 lessons from Monday to Thursday
  • Part-time, St. Gallen: approx. 20 lessons from Monday to Tuesday and Saturday morning
  • Full-time, Rapperswil: approx 30 lessons from Monday to Friday
  • Part-time, Rapperswil: approx 20 lessons from Monday to Friday

In later semesters, students can specialize in one area and refine the focus of their study profile. By choosing the specified course combinations, students gain additional areas of specialization, which are also listed on the final diploma. In principle, it is possible to forgo specialization. Specializations are chosen during the study.

At both Rapperswil and St. Gallen respectively, students have three specializations to choose from. Students can choose from the specializations of both campuses.


  • Smart Factory 
  • Smart Products
  • Value Chain Networks

St. Gallen

  • Digital Business
  • Data Science
  • Entrepreneurship