With a master’s in Energy and Environment, you will have access to a wide range of positions in industry, the public sector and the service sector.


With your skills, you will comprehensively evaluate questions relating to conventional and sustainable energy generation, storage and conversionenergy distribution and load control and consider the efficient use of natural resources and environmental protection. When implementing solutions, you will incorporate technical, legal and economic framework conditions, as well as social acceptance.

With your comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge of fields such as energy, environmental and process engineering, you will be able to provide a pragmatic basis for decision-making relating to energy and environmental engineering and systems. Your in-depth knowledge will enable you to work in interdisciplinary teams, lead larger projects and take on managerial tasks in the fields of energy, process and environmental engineering.

Pave the Way for Launching Your Career

Even during your master's studies, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with many potential employers and check out their job offers. You will expand your network and discover which projects and jobs the market will offer you.

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