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SPF Competencies Energy Storage

Sorption Technology and Thermodynamics

The absorption and adsorption of molecules at surfaces and interfaces is used in different technology areas like treatment and separation of gases and substances and heat exchange processes. The applications at the SPF are focused on two areas:

The absorption of water molecules in liquid salt solutions is used in a sorption unit for thermal energy storage.

The adsorption of water vapour on solid sorbent materials, such as zeolites, silica-gels and activated carbon, is used for heat conversion in sorption cooling machines or sorption heat pumps. Fundamentals for these technologies are heat and mass transport processes out of the field of thermodynamics.

Dr. Paul Gantenbein

SPF Sektorleiter national geförderte Projekte

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Dr. Xavier Daguenet

SPF Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter I

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