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SPF Competencies Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Integration

The combination of solar energy with heat pumps will be an important part of our future energy supply. SPF develops, tests and simulates system concepts both for individual buildings and for neighborhood networks. Our competences here lie on the one hand in the combination of photovoltaics, solar heat or PVT hybrid collectors with heat pumps and on the other hand in systems with ice storage, geothermal probe storage and anergy networks.

Example projects are SOL-HEAP, TARO, High-Ice, CombiVolt, PVT-WrapUp,
and the pilot and demonstration projects Oberfeld and Sotchà.

Dr. Michel Haller

EEU, SPF Dozent, WM mbA, Sektorleiter intern. Projekte, Mitglied der GL

+41 58 257 48 36 michel.haller@ost.ch

Dr. Daniel Carbonell

SPF WM II, Projektleiter EU-Projekte

+41 58 257 41 43 dani.carbonell@ost.ch