Networks are important. Over the years, ICOM has established a network of competent and efficient industrial partners on the one hand and relationships with associations and interest groups on the other. This also gives its project partners the opportunity to expand their personal networks.

Our sponsors help to ensure that teaching, research and services are of the highest quality.

ICOM is represented on the boards of the following organisations:

Prof Dr Heinz Mathis is a board member of IEEE and FAEL. 

Prof Dr Hans-Dieter Lang is a member of the IEEE.

Prof Dr Markus Kottmann is a member of the IEEE, Electrosuisse and President of the SGA.

Prof Dr Lukas Ortmann is a member of the SGA.

Prof Reto Bonderer is a member of the IEEE.


ICOM Institut für KommunikationssystemeProfessor for Wireless Communications, Institutsleiter ICOM

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Fachgruppe Elektronik und Informatik (FAEL)



IEEE Switzerland



SGA Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Automatik