Injection Moulding / PUR

The Injection Moulding/PUR competence area deals with a wide range of issues from the idea to the finished product.

Innovative mould and process technology offers the possibility of integrating functions and downstream processes to achieve special part properties or economical production. Special processes are usually used here, such as multicomponent injection moulding, thermoplastic foam injection moulding, back film injection moulding or even injection compression moulding.

Core competencies

  • Material selection and development
  • Part design
  • Filling simulation and structural analysis
  • Back injection of plastic and metal foils for decorative or functional purposes
  • Other special processes
  • Process and tooling technology
  • Process development
  • Material and part testing
  • Material data determination
  • Microstructure and failure analysis

Seven modern injection moulding machines

  • Arburg Allrounder 570 H 2000 - 800
  • Fanuc Roboshot α-S150iA (2K injection moulding machine)
  • Krauss Maffei KM 120/380 PX
  • Engel e-motion 170/80 TL
  • Battenfeld Smart Power 60
  • Arburg Allrounder 275 V 250 - 70 (vertical machine)
  • Babyplast 6/10 P-T (micro injection molding machine)

Periphery for foaming

  • Somos Perfoamer
  • Sulzer Optifoam

Peripherals for Variotherm process

  • HB-Therm water-water technology
  • GWK Ceramic Water Technology

Peripherals for back film moulding

  • Short film feeding unit


  • Various other peripherals (temperature control units, hot runner controllers, handling devices)

  • Various injection moulds

  • Fully automated manufacturing cell Floorball to demonstrate the possibilities offered by digitization

  • High-pressure and low-pressure polyurethane plant

  • Thermoforming plant

Component and process simulation software:

  • Filling simulation Injection moulding: Cadmould; Moldex 3D
  • Mould design: Visi series
  • Structural analysis: Marc Mentat, ANSYS
Smart Factory at OST - fully digitalized manufacturing for the future.

OST has built a unique smart factory infrastructure to train students on the cutting edge of technology.

From the customized floorball ball to the ball-shooting machine for goalkeeper trainings.

The film combines various student projects on one topic - the emerging sport of floorball. The projects range from the production of the ball to the functional training machine for goalkeepers.

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