Our competencies

Energy analyses and energy concepts

We analyse your energy supply for buildings and sites and find technical and economic potential for improvement. We provide you with recommendations on how to change the existing energy supply step-by-step to a sustainable supply.

Modelling and optimisation of components and systems

We map your products and system solution for you by means of detailed physical modelling, which enables optimisation without the need for costly prototypes. System modelling can be used to obtain information on dynamic behaviour and the mutual influence of components on each other, as well as to optimise system integration.

Coupled dynamic building and system simulation

We have the know-how for in-depth investigations by means of dynamic building and system simulation at component, building or site level and show you development potential for your product and system solutions, e.g. with regard to thermal comfort, energy use, control and costs.

Metrological investigations and field tests

We test your products on our test benches and in our laboratories and also carry out measurements on site to characterise the real system behaviour, uncover weak points and identify optimisation potential. Within the scope of a metrological success control, savings can be verified and improvements implemented.