With its own high-voltage laboratory and machine test bench and its vast experience, the Electrical Power Engineering team can offer first-class support in all kinds of problems.

30 kW electric motor test bench

The test bench is designed for the testing of electrical machines and drive systems. It consists of a motor-generator group, a frequency converter and a load / drive machine, which is connected to the unit under test. The motor-generator group is controlled via the frequency converter and this allows tests with variable frequencies of the supply voltage. 

The test bench can also be fed directly from the frequency inverter. This allows tests with voltages that have higher harmonics like it is more and more common nowadays due to inverter driven machines. This allows to investigate phenomena such as common mode currents.
The test bench can be used for Asynchronous, synchronous and direct current machines.

  • Drive side up to 30 kW motor power
  • Torque measurements up to 193 Nm
  • Speed range on the drive side up to 4500 U / min
  • Rated current up to 250 A
  • Automated measurement via digital control

Thanks to our extensive experience in high voltage engineering we can provide high quality research and support in all high voltage related areas. 

The equipment in our new laboratory is state of the art:

  • 700 kV 40 kJ Impulse generator
  • 150 kV 40 kVA AC test transformer
  • +/- 200 kV Direct current cascade
  • 60 kV 148 kJ Capacitor bank
  • AC Voltage endurance test stand

Our research and test experience covers a broad range of expertise:

  • lightning impulse tests according to IEC 60060-1
  • partial discharge measurements with AC and DC
  • disconnector tests according to IEC 62271-102 with a synthetic test circuit
  • insulation tests with AC and DC
  • long time voltage endurance tests
  • measurement of very fast transients