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SPF Testing – Mobile PV-Lab

In case of reduced performance or for quality control, with the mobile PV-Lab, photovoltaic modules can be extensively tested directly on site. We are pleased to present some of our current offers to you.

Location-independent and accurate performance analysis of solar modules, performed with our mobile PV-Lab

With the help of characteristic curve (I/U), electroluminescence, infrared and HighPot measurements, hidden defects are made visible – reliably, quickly and precisely. This allows weak points and risks to be uncovered before modules fail or safety is compromised.

SPF Testing Mobiles PV-Labor Strom-Spannungs-Kennlinie

I/U Characteristic curve measurement

By measuring the current-voltage characteristic, the power of the modules is determined under standard test conditions and at different irradiance levels. In addition, irregularities in the characteristic curve are detected.

  • Full-Spectrum-Long-Pulse LED Flasher
  • Spectrum: Class A+ according to IEC 60904 Ed2
  • Illumination instability: < +/- 0.25 % class A+ according to IEC 60904 Ed2
  • Local inhomogeneity: < +/- 2 % class A according to IEC 60904 Ed2
  • Power measurement: better +/- 3 % possible
  • Irradiance: 200 – 1200 W/m²
SPF Testing Mobiles PV-Labor EL-Messung

Electroluminescence inspection

High-resolution electroluminescence images make inactive areas and microcracks on cells visible to the human eye.

  • 2 MBJ NIR-CCD cameras, cooled
  • approx. 300 μm/pixel (corresponds to approx. 20 MPixel per module)
SPF Testing Mobiles PV-Labor IR-Messung

Infrared measurement

The integrated thermal imaging camera enables the detection of diode faults and hotspots by viewing the live image.

  • Optris-based MBJ IR Kamera
  • 160 x 120 pixel
  • Live image display on 24“ monitor
SPF Testing Mobiles PV-Labor HighPot-Test


High voltage testing can detect insulation and grounding faults that can easily become a safety hazard.

  • Connection and diode test
  • Test of continuity of grounding according to IEC 61730-2 / MST 13
  • Test current up to 30 A, resistance measurement between all four frame parts
  • Insulation test according to IEC 61730-2 / MST 16
  • Test voltage up to 6 kV, test for currents < 50 μA
  • Insulation resistance test under wetting according to IEC 61730-2 / MST 17 (optional)