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SPF Testing – Mobile PV Laboratory

With our mobile PV laboratory, photovoltaic modules are thoroughly tested, analyzed and evaluated on site. It is used, for example, in cases of suspected loss of performance or safety-relevant defects of modules, as well as for general quality controls in the company or as an incoming goods inspection of new modules in the warehouse or on the construction site.


Technical possibilities

We can perform a precise performance analysis of new or used solar modules with our mobile PV laboratory, regardless of location. Whether amorphous, poly- or monocrystalline modules, with the help of characteristic curve, electroluminescence, infrared and high-voltage measurements, even hidden defects are made visible. Thanks to integrated climate control, standard test conditions can also be generated in the field. This allows weak points and risks to be uncovered before modules fail or safety is compromised.


SPF Testing Mobiles PV-Labor Strom-Spannungs-Kennlinie

Measurement of the characteristic curve

Full-Spectrum Long-Pulse LED Flasher Class A+ according to IEC 60904 Ed2

SPF Testing Mobiles PV-Labor EL-Messung

Electroluminescence measurements

EL measurements reveal hidden damage, such as cell fractures caused by hail, foot traffic, improper installation, and more.

SPF Testing Mobiles PV-Labor IR-Messung

Infrared measurements

IR measurements to detect diode defects and hotspots.