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Cyber Security Specialization in Computer Science

How can software and infrastructures be designed securely and protected against attacks? In the Cyber Security specialization, we provide you with the necessary knowledge.

Building on the general security basics, you will deepen your knowledge in disciplines such as network/IoT security, secure software, cyber defense, platform security and incident response. You can complete this specialization as part of your Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

In our «Hacking Lab» - which is unique in Switzerland and is also used for training in the Swiss Army's «Cyber Course» - you will practice hacker attacks and defensive measures yourself. You will grow up to become sought-after experts for large companies, telecommunications providers and government organizations.


  • Computernetze 2
  • Cyber Defense
  • Hacking-Lab
  • Incident Response
  • Network and IoT Security
  • Platform Security
  • Secure Software
  • Web Engineering 2

The Hacking Lab - a unique training platform

Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences Hacking Lab is an ideal training platform in the field of hacking. Developed in collaboration with Compass Security AG, the Hacking Lab is an online platform for ethical hacking, computer network and security challenges.

In 2018, the Hacking Lab was completely renewed together with the INS Institute for Networks and Security at the former HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil to meet the requirements of the federal department of defense DDPS and expanded to include basic functionalities (theory, practice, exams).

One instance of the Hacking Lab is operated for the training of the «Cyber Course» at the DDPS. Another «instance» of the Hacking Lab, tailored to the needs of students, external course participants and other interested parties, is used at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.

Cyber security: more important than ever

«Data security is essential. Suitable cyber security concepts should prevent sensitive information from being accessed. Or that it is altered or destroyed. An interruption to business processes can cause enormous damage. The course provides the necessary knowledge to prevent such incidents.»

Prof. Mirko Stocker, Head of the Bachelor of Computer Science program

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