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SPF Competencies Methods

Measurement, Control & Automation Technology

The SPF has a range of test benches, laboratory systems, solar collectors and field pilot plants, in which automated processes, measurement equipment and monitoring are integrated.

A wide range of high-precision instruments such as Coriolis and MID flow sensors, Pt100 and TC temperature sensors, radiation pyranometers, pressure and differential pressure transducers and various electrical AC and DC measuring instruments are available for a wide range of applications.

Many years of experience with data acquisition, processing and assurance – including in teaching – create a reliable basis for trustworthy results and new measurement methods in research projects and the development of innovative products.

Example for a P&D project: Sotchà

Andreas Reber

SPF Institut für Solartechnik Projektleiter SPF, Dozierender

+41 58 257 48 18 andreas.reber@ost.ch

Alfred Brunner

SPF Institut für Solartechnik Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter SPF

+41 58 257 48 16 alfred.brunner@ost.ch