General project

Solar Fuels for Ethiopia: Establishment of a competence centre for Power-to-X

A large part of the rural population in Ethiopia suffers from energy poverty. For those affected, biomass (primarily firewood) is the only available source of energy. The overexploitation of Ethiopia's forests can only be stopped if the population has access to suitable fuel alternatives. Locally produced solar fuels using…

Research project

Energy storage for sustainable regional development: Optimized integration of renewables in smart transport systems (Power-2-Transport)

The project intends to assess electric storage with batteries, conversion to e-methane via electrolysis of water and methanation of H2 at a bus terminal in order to optimize the utilization of variably produced electricity from solar PV cells in a transport system with electric and gas vehicles. Specific methods and models will be…

Research project

Underground Sun Conversion - Flexible Storage

In a future energy system, we will have too much renewable energy in summer and too little in winter. Seasonal storage facilities are therefore in demand. The USC - FlexStore project is investigating whether underground methanation could counteract this problem. Renewable hydrogen and carbon dioxide are pumped together into the…

Research project

HIGGS – Hydrogen in Gas Grids

The HIGGS project aims to show that the safe injection of hydrogen into the EU high pressure transmission natural gas grid is a sustainable, long-term solution to decarbonise the energy system. HIGGS is going to identify remaining weaknesses regarding H2-Readiness and develop a pathway for a stepwise integration of hydrogen in the…

Research project

Nutzung von LBG (Liquefied Biogas) für den Schweizer Schwerlasttransport

To reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, the logistics industry is currently looking at various fossil-free drive concepts. One possibility is to switch to liquefied biogas (LBG). A team from the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, together with the transport company Krummen Kerzers AG and with Lidl Schweiz AG, is…

Research project

Energy and carbon flows

Today, Switzerland covers around three quarters of its energy needs through imports. The upcoming energy transition is leading to uncertainty about future energy supplies and a desire to make greater use of domestic energy sources. However, renewable resources such as biomass are only available to a limited extent. Against this…

Research project

1st power-to-methane demonstration plant in Switzerland

Theoretical studies had shown that power-to-gas plants can make a decisive contribution to the conversion of the energy supply from fossil to renewable energy sources. The IET is putting this theory into practice and thus making a decisive contribution to the maturation and deployment of the technology.

Research project

The project STORE&GO

The STORE&GO project is being carried out from 2016 to 2020 and is part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research framework program. The project involves 27 institutions from research and industry from six European countries. In STORE&GO, research focuses on the technical, economic and legal framework conditions for the use of…

Research project


The EU project Pentagon involved ten institutions from academic research and industry from five European countries, and run from 2016 to 2020.

Research project

R&D at the HEPP plant

At the HEPP plant (High Efficiency Power-to-Methane Pilot), the IET Institute of Energy Technology is conducting research and development in the field of power-to-gas, power-to-X. In 2017, the power-to-gas team started this project with a lot of pioneering spirit. Today, almost four years after the first concept idea, the…

Research project

Power Check

Simulate different power supply scenarios for Switzerland. Our public calculator for your own energy scenarios. Discover the different scenarios.

Research project

SCCER Heat and Electricity Storage

The Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research Heat and Electricity Storage (SCCER HaE) has been dedicated to researching storage in the energy system since 2014. The SCCER HaE is supervised by Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency.