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Research platform for Power-to-X
In the future renewable energy supply, power-to-gas and power-to-X stabilise the electricity grid, store energy and generate renewable gas and other energy sources. stabilise the electricity grid, store energy and produce renewable gas and other energy sources. In Rapperswil, the IET Institute for Energy Technology has set up a research platform in which new technologies and systems are developed together with partners. It has already been possible to important contributions to the establishment of power-to-gas in Switzerland.
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Power-to-X at the IET Institute for Energy Technology 2016 - 2020
Our work in the Power-to-X department started in 2014 with the operation of the first Power-toMethane plant in Switzerland. Since then, the team has grown from three to twelve employees. Together with many partnerships from academia and industry, we have carried out about 100 projects. Our most important and largest projects are presented in this report.
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Thermodynamics of power-to-gas
This document describes the thermodynamics of power-to-gas and covers both power-to-hydrogen and power-to-methane. The focus is on understanding the individual components and the entire power-to-gas system as a thermodynamic system, as well as the integration of power-to-gas into our energy supply.
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CO2 Material Flows in Switzerland  
Investigation of Carbon Flows in Switzerland with theSpecial Consideration of Carbon Dioxide as aFeedstockfor Sustainable Energy Carriers.
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