Our competencies

We apply interdisciplinary research to develop inspiring innovative solutions that can be adopted effectively and sustainably by people to contribute positively to the wind energy sector.

Due to the high potential for reducing the cost of electricity, digitalisation is one of the most important topics in the global wind energy industry. In our research programme, for example, we are developing smart measurement technology and IoT («Internet of Things») solutions for the identification of rotor blade damage and for optimising the design of wind turbines.

We are also developing machine learning and AI solutions for improved design and optimisation of wind farm operations, performing complex simulations of wind flow in complex terrain and optimising the aerodynamics of airborne wind energy systems.

In addition, we develop decision tools for the optimal selection of software for wind farm planning. In the wind energy team at OST, however, it is important to us that digitalisation remains sustainable and inclusive. Accordingly, we are actively committed to «Diversity, Equity and Inclusion». Among other things, team leader Sarah Barber was recently elected Chair of the Diversity Committee of the European Academy of Wind Energy. We have also founded «The Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network» and are developing a new «Open Innovation» and «Innovation Marketplace» platform for the wind energy industry. To promote sustainability in wind energy, we are developing new rotor blades from renewable materials such as hemp and flax.