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Modeling of an ice storage based on a de-icing concept for solar heating applications

The development and validation of a mathematical model of an ice storage tank with heat exchangers that can be de-iced is presented. The ice storage tank model is developed for a solar-ice system, i.e. a system that combines solar thermal collectors with a heat pump to provide space heating and domestic hot water.


The model is based on the one dimensional resolution of the energy conservation equation of a fluid submitted to a phase change, and it is able to consider the detachment of the ice plates from the heat exchangers. The ice growing layer is calculated using the analytical solution of a flat plate configuration with a quasi steady state approximation.


Experiments were conducted with a laboratory scale ice storage of 1 m3. Several operating modes were investigated in order to validate the model under different conditions of interest. The model predicted successfully most of the operating modes for the main variables such as heat exchanger outlet temperature and heat transfer, as well as mass of ice produced and melted.

D. Carbonell, D. Philippen, M. Y. Haller, E. Frank, 2015
Zeitschrift / Sammelband:
Solar Energy, Nr.121/2015
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