Modeling and Simulation for IBC Students

Hochschule Offenburg

Simulation and modeling is getting more and more important to study a complex System, to measure its performance, to improve its operation or to evaluate different design decisions if it doesn’t exist. Systems in this case could be built by manufacturing processes, by workflow systems, business processes or combinations of them. Today, powerful desk top computers and simulators make it possible to establish modeling and simulation as a standard tool in a company.

The class starts with an introduction into simulation and modeling in general and the Simio simulation software in particular. This includes an overview of the different simulation approaches and available modeling languages as well the basic concepts of the Simio simulation software. The following major part gives you the opportunity to gather simulation experience by realizing a set of small case studies or labs.

Hochschule Offenburg

Modellbildung und Simulation ist eine leistungsfähige, oft die einzige Methode zur Analyse, zur Planung, oder zur Optimierung komplexer, nebenläufiger, rückgekoppelter Systeme. Hierbei ist der Begriff System nicht auf eine bestimmte Domäne begrenzt, sondern findet in allen Bereichen der Wissenschaft, der Technik, Logistik und Produktion, Wirtschafts- und Geschäftswelt bis hin zu sozialen Netzwerken Anwendung, um quantitative Aussagen über das Systemverhalten zu machen. Im Rahmen einer dreitägigen Kompaktveranstaltung werden die folgenden Themeninhalte vermittelt.

Hochschule Offenburg

Based on the knowledge of the lecture “Modeling and Simulation for IBC students” you will have the opportunity to build a whole simulation project from scratch. This project is related to other subjects of your curriculum like supply chain management or transportation, production line or resource planning aspects. The class starts with a short recapitulation of the basics of the simulation process as well in the use of Simio. Afterwards we will go into the projects problem definition and the clarification of the project goals.

During the following major part you have to realize a complete simulation project including a project management plan, the implementation of the problem domain in Simio, the evaluation of the results as well a short presentation of your work and your recommendations. This project has to be realized in a group of up to four students and is support by the lecturer.