CFD-Based Discharge Curves for Alpine Springs

The 2024 IEEE Swiss Conference of Data Science, May 2024


We report on a digitalization solution for alpine spring captures, which allows for continuous, all year-round, monitoring of water discharge and temperature. The solution features an open-hardware data-logger providing the data that fundamentally enables remote data processing. The solution builds on an stage-discharge curve based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for the conversion of pressure into flow. Up to three years of data produced by a total of 15 data-loggers have been made publicly available.


This pdf contains the author's version. 

Juan Pablo Carbajal, Jeannette Lippuner, Lars Kamm, Prof. Dr. Andreas Breitenmoser, 2024
Zeitschrift / Sammelband:
Proceedings of the 2024 Swiss Conference of Data Science (SDS)
Ort / Verlag:
Zürich, Switzerland / IEEE