WoA - Wisdom of Age: Collaborative Learning using Human-Computer Interaction.

The development and use of Cobots in industry, institutions, and healthcare, as well as the strong penetration of chatBots, reinforce the interdisciplinary nature of technological processes, which are flooded with data and information, making it almost impossible for the younger generation to go in depth and understand the requirements of a particular process. In contrast older experts (e.g., engineers aged 50–75) have a high level of expertise in technological process as well as other skills such as management knowledge, which are essential for the implementation of technological projects. The paper presents a learning management system (LMS) developed as an interactive human -computer-human online digital platform Wisdom of Age (WoA) aiming to close the gap between generations by transferring knowledge from senior experts to developing companies and opening the gates for new certified technological development. The social dimension (healthy aging for seniors, better training for juniors) and the sustainable development for companies are combined with a suitable digital dimension. The paper presents and examines based on survey results, which requirements must be placed on such a platform to optimally support and satisfy mentors and learners.

Adrian Pîslă; Samira Hüsler; Mihai Ciupe; Frank Andreas Schittenhelm; Süleyman Torasan; Leen Stulens, 2023
Ort / Verlag:
2023 5th International Congress on Human-Computer Interaction, Optimization and Robotic Applications (HORA)