Swiss Congress for Health Professions 2024

Co-creation in health care: Unleashing collaborative innovations

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Co-creation and its key role for collaborative innovations in healthcare – this is the theme of the Swiss Congress for Health Professions 2024. We, OST – University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland, are organizing this congress together with the Health Conference of the Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences.

In view of rising costs, limited personnel resources and growing demands for high-quality care, the topic of co-creation is becoming increasingly relevant. It is an integrative approach to the sustainable and holistic improvement of the healthcare system.
We would like to discuss co-creation with you from the perspective of research, practice, and theory. The following questions will be central:

  • What does co-creation mean for the healthcare sector?
  • How can co-creation work?
  • How does collaborative practice influence healthcare outcomes?
  • How can collaborative approaches and strategies influence and improve the well-being and
    working conditions of healthcare professionals?

Pre-event: September 10, 2024

Date & time: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2024 from 06.00 p.m

Militärkantine St. Gallen

6.00 p.m
Welcome Prof. Dr. Birgit Vosseler(Head of Department Health Professions)

06.10 p.m
Panel discussion on the congress topic of co-creation from different perspectives (in German): 

Moderation: Benjamin Fisch

  • Dr. Karin Faisst 
  • Prof. Dr. Marion Huber
  • Prof. Dr. Karin van Holten
  • Melina Wälle
  • Ursina Zehnder, MSc

07.30 p.m
Apéro followed by dinner

conference day: September 11, 2024

Date & time: 
Wednesday, September 11, 2024  | 09.00 a.m – 05.00 p.m

OST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences, St. Gallen

You can dowload the detailed program here

08.30 a.m
Welcome desk | registration

09.00 a.m
Prof. Dr. Daniel Seelhofer (Rector) and Prof. Dr. Birgit Vosseler («Head of Departement Health Professions)

09.15 a.m
Welcome performance by Ateliers-Living Museum Wil

09.30 a.m
Keynote 1: «Co-creation demystified: The quintessence and the errors»»
Prof. Dr. Manuel Stadtmann | OST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences

10.00 a.m 
Coffee break

10.20 a.m
Start of moderated sessions 1 to 4 – download program overview
Scientific lectures with discussion, 20 minutes each

11.40 a.m
Coffee break

11.55 a.m
Moderated poster exhibition

12.25 a.m
Keynote 2: «Co-Creation within Mental Health Care: Current Knowledge and Future Recommendations for Research»
Michael J. Norton | University College Cork

12.55 a.m
Lunch break

02.00 p.m
Start of moderated sessions 1 to 4 – download program overview
Scientific lectures with discussion, 20 minutes each

03.20 p.m 
Coffee break

03.50 p.m
Keynote 3: «Co-Creating for Enhanced Services and Products?»
Valentina Pettinger, MA | Nowa

04.20 p.m
Summary with Ateliers-Living Museum Wil

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Room reservation

Room contingents have been reserved in the following hotels in St. Gallen for participants in the SCHP – SWISS CONGRESS FOR HEALTH PROFESSION.

Please enter the booking code SCHP 2024.

Target audience:

  • Employees and alumni of universities of applied sciences and universities in teaching, research and development
  • Health Professionals and persons in leadership positions in the health care field
  • Persons interested in the health care system and dealing with health issues (medicine, psychology, sociology, social work, economics, law)
  • Stakeholders in education, research, health policy and administration

Congress languages:

German, French, English

Registration & participation fee

  • The participation fee for the pre-event is 100 CHF including dinner.
  • The participation fee for the congress day is 250 CHF.
  • The participation fee for all students on the day of the congress is 150 CHF.
  • The prices mentioned include participation in all lectures, workshops and discussions as well as meals.
  • The registration deadline is August 31, 2024.

register directly

We look forward to your participation!


Event location

The SCHP – Swiss Congress for Health Professions 2024 will take place at the St. Gallen campus of the OST – Eastern Swtzerland University of Applied Sciences.

OST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences
Rosenbergstrasse 59
9000 St. Gallen

OST Campus St.Gallen
Rosenbergstrasse 599000St.Gallen