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Fachartikel Praxis

Kagermanov A., Markovic I. (2022): An Overview on FE-Modelling Techniques for Structural Capacity Assessment of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures; , Taylor & Francis, accepted for publication in «Structure and Infrastructure Engineering», , 17448980, 15732479

Markovic I., Kagermanov A. (2021): Blind Prediction of a shear critical T-Beam with conventional reinforcement and fibres; fib-Symposium, June 2021, Lisbon, Portugal (in press)

Markovic, I., Kagermanov A. (2021): Structural capacity of an existing reinforced-concrete bridge with corroded reinforcement, Symposium on Capacity Assessment of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures (CACRCSDays), University of Parma, Italy, November-December 2021


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