Office: Container or Content of Work?

Yves Morieux, Boston Consulting Group


This workshop will explore the extent to which work – both as instrument of value creation and means for people’s realization – really requires co-location. Many so-called benefits of co-presence in a shared workplace seem to be just substitutes to compensate for deficiencies in the real content of work: purpose, complementarities, relational productivity irrespective of where people are seating, connectedness (as opposed to just proximity), cooperation (as opposed to just co-location)… Optimal solutions for the future of work will be discussed, depending on what requires and does not require “the office”. 

(Language: English)

About the person

Yves Morieux is Senior Partner and Managing Director at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).  He leads BCG's development of approaches at the intersection of strategy, structures and behaviors to simultaneously increase performance and satisfaction at work.