Agile Leadership - What does it take?

Ziga Jakhel, UBS


Join this virtual session and learn more about what Agile Leadership is, and how it differs from traditional management approaches. 
Discuss how you can start your journey towards Agile Leadership with yourself and your team, what we can learn from others, and what practices can help you in making the shift a success.
(Language: English)

About the person

Ziga Jakhel leads the UBS Digital Factory from the business side, focusing primarily on digital product design & delivery, agile product management and collaboration, and agile leadership. In his work he draws on 20 years of experience in technology and management, having grown from a developer to a CTO, startup CEO and founder, and later a consultant. Before joining UBS in 2018, Ziga Jakhel spent 5 years with Digital McKinsey and building agile incubators and corporate startups for banks and telecoms in the US, LatAm, and Europe.