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Publikationen 2023

Discharge of springs monitored during the WABEsense project (2023)
Juan Pablo Carbajal,  Housseini Reza,  Lippuner Jeannette, Lippuner, Daniela

Chemoreception and chemotaxis of a three-sphere swimmer (2023)
Stevens Paz, Roberto F. Ausas, Juan P. Carbajal, Gustavo C. Buscaglia

Consistent treatment of shear failure in embedded discrete fracture models using XFVM (2023)
Giulia Conti, Rajdeep Deb, Stephan K. Matthäi, Patrick Jenny

A probabilistic, flux-conservative particle-based framework for transport in fractured porous media (2023)
Ranit Monga, Rajdeep Deb, Daniel W. Meyer, Patrick Jenny


Publikationen 2022

Learning by mistakes in memristor networks (2022)
Juan Pablo Carbajal, Daniel A. Martin, Dante R. Chialvo

Numerical modeling and design decisions for aerostatic bearings with relatively large nozzle sizes in Magic-Angle Spinning (MAS) systems (2022)
Rajdeep Deb, Andreas Hunkeler, Dirk Wilhelm, Patrick Jenny, Beat H. Meier


Publikationen 2020

Benchmarking Soft Sensors for Remote Monitoring of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plants (2020)
Juan Pablo Carbajal, Mariane Yvonne Schneider, Viviane Furrer, Eleonora Sprenger

Modelling quantities and qualities (Q&Q) of faecal sludge in Hanoi, Vietnam and Kampala, Uganda for improved management solutions (2020)
Miriam Englund, Juan Pablo Carbajal, Amédé Ferré, Magalie Bassan, An Thi Hoai Vu, Viet-Anh Nguyen, Linda Strande

Optimized Balance Between Electricity Load and Wind-Solar Energy Production (2020) 
Tomas Gouzden, Emilio Bianchi, Andrés Solarte, Juan Pablo Carbajal

An extended finite volume method and fixed-stress approach for modeling fluid injection–induced tensile opening in fractured reservoirs (2020)
Rajdeep Deb, Patrick Jenny