Stefan Kapferer

IFS Institut für SoftwareDozent für Software Engineering

+41 58 257 16

Beruflicher Abschluss

  • Master of Science in Engineering, OST (FHO)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, HSR (FHO)

Aktuelle Projekte

  • Context Mapper:

Fachliche Schwerpunkte

  • Software Engineering
  • Software Architecture
  • Domain-driven Design (DDD)
  • Object-oriented Programming

Wissenschaftliche Auszeichnungen, Preise

  • SummerSoC Young Researcher Award 2020: Domain-driven Service Design - Context Modeling, Model Refactoring and Contract Generation


  • Software Engineer
  • Software Architect


  • Olaf Zimmermann; Cesare Pautasso; Stefan Kapferer; Mirko Stocker (2024) Continuous Integration and Delivery in Open Source Development and Pattern Publishing, Lessons Learned With Tool Setup and Pipeline Evolution, IEEE, in: IEEE Software Nr. Volume 41, Issue 1, Jan.-Feb. 2024, S. 9-18. 10.1109/MS.2023.3322312
  • Stefan Kapferer; Olaf Zimmermann (2021) Domain-Driven Design in der Praxis, Erfahrungen mit dem Open-Source-Tool Context Mapper, in: JavaSPEKTRUM 6/2021, S. 20-23
  • Stefan Kapferer; Olaf Zimmermann (2020) Domain-Driven Architecture Modeling and Rapid Prototyping with Context Mapper, Springer, Cham, in: 8th International Conference, MODELSWARD 2020, Valletta, Malta, February 25–27, 2020, Revised Selected Papers, S. 250–272, ISBN 978-3-030-67444-1. 10.1007/978-3-030-67445-8_11
  • Stefan Kapferer; Olaf Zimmermann (2020) Domain-Driven Service Design, Context Modeling, Model Refactoring and Contract Generation, Springer, Cham, in: 14th Symposium and Summer School on Service-Oriented Computing, SummerSOC 2020, Crete, Greece, September 13-19, 2020, S. 189–208, ISBN 978-3-030-64845-9. 10.1007/978-3-030-64846-6_11
  • Stefan Kapferer; Olaf Zimmermann (2020) Domain-specific Language and Tools for Strategic Domain-driven Design, Context Mapping and Bounded Context Modeling, SciTePress, in: Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development MODELSWARD - Volume 1, S. 299-306, ISBN 978-989-758-400-8. 10.5220/0008910502990306