Prof. Dr. Mitra Purandare

IFS Institut für SoftwareProfessorin, IFS

+41 58 257 46

Fachliche Schwerpunkte

  • Formal Verification of hardware and software systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Embedded Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • (2021) Acceleration-as-a-µService: A Cloud-native Monte-Carlo Option Pricing Engine on CPUs, GPUs and Disaggregated FPGAs., in: CLOUD 2021
  • (2020) FPGA Accelerated Analysis of Boolean Gene Regulatory Networks, IEEE/ACM, in: Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
Verfasser/inTitelJahrArt der Arbeit
Lars Herrmann AI Contaminant Detection 2024Projektarbeit
Fabien Zufferey Deep learning for detecting contaminants in poultry 2024Masterarbeit
Reto Ehrensperger Enhancing Java Performance: vector API or iGPU? 2024Masterarbeit
Anina Bytyçi,
Myriam Assunção
ARTMX 2023Bachelorarbeit
Christopher Hilfing,
Lara Gubler,
Petra Heeb
Crypto Agility 2023Bachelorarbeit
Dominik Ehrle,
Marco Agostini
Cyber Shield 2023Bachelorarbeit
Patrick Looser Enhancing Generalization of Autonomous Driving Agents in Complex Environments 2023Masterarbeit
Benjamin Frei Fab Analytic Miner 2023Projektarbeit
Reto Ehrensperger GPU support for Scala with Tasty 2023Projektarbeit
Benjamin Frei Lean Manufacturing Analysis Supported by Process Mining 2023Projektarbeit
Daniel Frick,
Zvonimir Serkinic
Pantry 2023Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Dominik Ehrle,
Marco Agostini
Response Recommendations to Cyber Security Threats 2023Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Reto Ehrensperger Scala Compiler Plugin for GPU support 2023Projektarbeit
Moritz Schiesser Scraping, Embedding and Clustering articles from Swiss online news outlets 2023Projektarbeit
Lars Herrmann SlamCar 2023Projektarbeit
Caspar Martens,
Simon Kindhauser
The Impact of Aggregated Leaks on Privacy 2023Bachelorarbeit
Benjamin Plattner Vehicle Platooning Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning 2023Bachelorarbeit
Roman Bögli Zero-Knowledge Inclusion Proofs 2023Projektarbeit
Pascal Gsell,
Roman Spring
Bachelorarbeit Zugsimulator 2022Bachelorarbeit
Thomas Hindermann,
Jonas Knupp
Faster Stock Option Pricing 2022Bachelorarbeit
Floris Staub,
Marc Emch
gpu4java 2022Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Ruwen Frick,
Igor Cetkovic
SmartEating 2022Studienarbeit / Semesterarbeit
Ruwen Frick,
Igor Cetkovic
SmartEating 2022Bachelorarbeit