Reference Architecture for End-to-End QoS in Heterogeneous Wireless Network Environments


The first step in providing end-to-end QoS in a wireless network is to model the current environment and identify the state of the art in QoS methods. The paper provides a reference architecture for end-to-end QoS in heterogeneous wireless network environments by giving an overview of the reference architecture and showing a detailed end-to-end session establishment including the necessary communication between service and transport layer. To estimate and compare the complexity of QoS signalling, an appraisal of the QoS signalling effort is given.

Frei, Sandra; Fuhrmann, Woldemar; Ghita, Bogdan, 2009
Ort / Verlag:
Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA09), 630-639, 978-0-946881-65-9