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Closed Sorption Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage with Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide

A closed sorption heat storage that can be charged in summer with heat from solar thermal collectors or with electricity from photovoltaic modules is developed at SPF. Optimization of the reaction zone unit was done by modifying the surface chemistry, use of structured surfaces and ceramic foams to enhance the heat transfer and reduce the size of absorber unit. The experiments have indicated that the selected ceramic foam has a good wetting behaviour with the sorbent and it increases the residence time by at least 30 %, thus the exchanged power.

M. Dudita, X. Daguenet-Frick, P. Gantenbein, 2017
Springer International Publishing
Zeitschrift / Sammelband:
Nearly Zero Energy Communities: Proceedings of the Conference for Sustainable Energy (CSE) 2017
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