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Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage with Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide – Development and Measurements on the Heat and Mass Exchangers

A closed sorption Thermal Energy Storage system based on water absorption/desorption in a high-energy density sorbent like sodium hydroxide is developed and tested at HSR-SPF. For the conception of the third generation of heat and mass exchanger using SiC foams, the influence of with different porosity on the sorbent mass uptake and thus on the sorbent residence time in the water vapour is presented.

SPF Institute for Solar Technology


Dr. Xavier Daguenet, Dr. Mihaela Dudita Kauffeld, Lukas Omlin, Dr. Paul Gantenbein, 2018
Zeitschrift / Sammelband:
«Energy Procedia» #155
Seiten / Kapitel:
pages 286 – 294