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Solar and Heat Pump Systems – Summary of Simulation - Results of the IEA SHC Task 44 / HPP ANNEX 38

Solar and heat pump heating systems have been simulated and analyzed by experts from different countries in Subtask C of the IEA SHC Task 44 / HPP Annex 38 "Solar and Heat Pump Systems" from 2010 to 2014. A summary of these simulation results is presented, compared and analyzed in this work, comprising systems where solar collectors provide heat in parallel to a heat pump, systems where solar heat is also or exclusively used for the evaporator of the heat pump, systems with ice storages, and systems with active solar regeneration of the ground source of the heat pump.

SPF Institute for Solar Technology


Christian Winteler, Erik Bertram, Mircea Bunea, Werner Lerch, Fabian Ochs, 2014
Ort / Verlag:
11th IEA Heat Pump Conference