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Solar-ice systems for multi-family buildings: hydraulics and weather data analysis

Dynamic simulations using the TRNSYS environment were used to assess the potentials of solar-ice systems for multi-family buildings in Switzerland. The goals of this paper were: i) to analyze and quantify the effects of different hydraulics in the primary loop (solar collectors, ice storage and heat pump), ii) to determine the energetic performance of solar-ice systems for multi-family buildings and iii) to assess the influence of the chosen weather data on the system performance. Simulations were carried out for a range of collector areas of 1.5 m2/MWh to 2.5 m2/MWh and for ice storage volumes of 0.4 m3/MWh to 0.6 m3/MWh being MWh the total yearly heat demand. Simulations of eight cities in Switzerland using cold, warm and normal weather data sets from SIA were carried out.

D. Carbonell, J. Schmidli, D. Philippen, M. Haller, 2019
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E3S Web Conf., Nr.111/2019
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