Study Trip Brussels

International Business Week Brussels

With its 500 million inhabitants and 27 member states, the European Union is Switzerland’s main trading partner. One million EU citizens are employed by Swiss companies. Sixty per cent of all Swiss exports are currently going to the European Union. Additionally, the trade balance deficit has reached 20 billion Swiss francs, meaning that Switzerland is also an important EU trading partner. Trade between the two economies has reached a daily amount of one billion Swiss francs.

Although Switzerland is not in the European Union, it is essential that the two economies keep a close partnership due to their economic and political dependency. This relationship has been solidified by the bilateral contracts between the two economic areas. Considering this strong interdependence, a stable and strong EU is also in the interest of Switzerland.

During the International Business Week in Brussels, participants will be introduced to the challenges and opportunities Swiss companies face when they enter the European market. By knowing the rules of fair behaviour in competition and other aspects of business, responsible managers protect companies from high fines.

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Proof of advanced training of Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences

Focus areas

  • Lectures at Solvay Brussels School
  • Company visit
  • Networking
  • Visits to institutions and social events


5 days in Brussels, plus 1 preparatory day in St.Gallen (mandatory)


CHF 4800.– including course material and proof of advanced training (fees may change)
Fees do not include: Flights to and from Brussels, meals


Program dates in Brussel: not yet defined
Preparatory day in St.Gallen: not yet defined

The course focuses on the following topics:

Lectures at Solvay Brussels School

  • European financial integration
  • Regulatory policy
  • European competition policy
  • Advertising in Europe
  • Marketing and pricing in the European Union
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Institution and decision-making process
  • Agenda of the European Union

Company visit

  • One renowned company in Belgium

Networking, visits to institutions, and social events

  • Visit to the European Commission including presentations by representatives
  • Visit to the EU Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committee
  • Meeting with representatives of EU-Swiss institutions
  • Alumni networking event with guest speakers
  • City tour of Brussels incl. dinner

Target audience

Target audience are managers operating or planning to operate in the European Union with multicultural workforces and who are confronted with the European single market, managing directors and executives who plan to expand their businesses into the EU, department heads and business developers who need to develop their businesses in the EU and especially aimed at EMBA students in their final master thesis semester. 


Requirements are a College or University Degree, understanding of macroeconomic relationships and good knowledge of English, advanced level (spoken and written). 

Participants have a broad understanding of fundamental strategic concepts and business approaches. They like to cope with business challenges in international business. They are interested in intercultural management skills and cross-cultural behaviour.

The participants develop an understanding of the European economic area and EU business development and enhance their knowledge and skills concerning EU and international strategic planning in addition to operational and functional business disciplines.

They also develop and enhance their leadership skills in a multidisciplinary EU context and are able to cope with business situations within the single market of the European Union. Furthermore they significantly enhance their cross-cultural knowledge and skills in an international and EU environment.

If you have any administrative or organisational questions, please contact us.

We look forward to see you in class.