DevOps Resources and Positions (as of 201x)

Development and Operations = Oil and Water? Ying and Yang?

A Talk “Agile Infrastructure” by P. Debois at Agile 2008 led to DevOps Days. A lot has happened since then:

Motivation and definitions:

Solution building blocks (present and future):

DevOps conferences and DevOps blogs (ad hoc collection, not up to date):

DevOps tools and related assets (provisioning, configuration management):

Random Development and Operations (DevOps) thoughts and discussion topics:

  • Does DevOps fit everywhere or does context matter? See the frog-and-octopus metaphor by P. Kruchten for a comprehensive definition of context and this EuroPLOP 2017 focus group report for thoughts DevOps and related topics in in context of Continuous Software Development.
  • Be aware of DevOps-ification - not all tools positioned in this space support the original vision faithfully; sometimes the "Relabel Existing Solution" (anti-) pattern seems to be applied
  • What is the impact of DevOps on existing methods? Do we need a new DevOps method - or is 'DevOps method' an oxymoron? Are methods overrated anyway, and we should stick to independent practices (see discussion about SEMAT in the blogosphere, e.g. P. Kruchten's position on richer software process models)?
  • DevOps as a prerequisite for microservices, DevOps-as-a-service (e.g. ServiceNow)
  • DevOps and plain old IT Systems and Network Management (e.g. FCAPS disciplines)? DevOps and ITIL? DevOps and COBIT? DevOps and EAM?
  • DevOps patterns (e.g. for provisioning, configuration management, monitoring)?
  • DevOps tools - feature wishlist, research roadmap?