ZuriHac 2022 at the OST-RJ


Back in person after two years online

After the last two years as a virtual event, ZuriHac 2022 took place as a physical event with around 400 participants all over the world. The event took place from Saturday 11 June to Monday 13 June 2022 at the Rapperswil campus of the OST.

ZuriHac (https://zurihac.info) is the world's largest practitioner's conference centred around the functional programming language Haskell. It features invited talks from leading experts from industry and academia, and hands-on beginners and advanced tracks. Aside from the talks and tracks, attendees are encouraged to work together on all sorts of Haskell-related open-source projects and socialise.

About 400 people took part this year at ZuriHac. Around 75% of the attendees travelled from outside Switzerland to attend, and 80% were working engineers. This year's invited talks focused on some of the more practical aspects of the programming in Haskell. Here are a few highlights: Gabrielle Keller, professor of Software Technology at Utrecht University showed how Haskell can be used to develop software that targets massively parallel architectures including multicore CPUs and GPUs; Simon Peyton Jones, who just moved from Microsoft research to his new role as engineering fellow at Epic Games, talked about how the Haskell compiler is able to automatically optimise programs based on mathematically proven laws. Simon Peyton Jones is one of the key designers of the Haskell language and its compiler. A recording of all invited and advanced session talks is freely available online (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOvRW_utVPVnqp24VsF0wiIRa-m9oWrox).

Some of the projects that were represented and worked on during this year's ZuriHac include the Haskell GHC compiler, its related tools and integrated development environments, pandoc (a widely used universal document converter) and xmonad (a commonly used X11 window manager). A complete list of all projects can be found on the ZuriHac web page (https://zurihac.info).  

All in-person ZuriHacs since 2017 have taken place at the OST campus in Rapperswil. ZuriHac 2023 is planned to take place at the OST from 10.06.2023 to 12.06.2023.