Rouven Christen

EMS Institut für Entwicklung Mechatronischer SystemeDozent für Mechatronik

+41 58 257 34


  • Modelbildung mechatronischer Systeme Li-Ionen Batterien Mess- und Regelungstechnik LabView Matlab / Simulink


  • Gerhard Rizzo; Rouven Christen; Max Stöck (2021) Calibration methodology for contact heat flux sensors with enhanced accuracy, IOP, in: Measurement Science and Technology Nr. 32(4). 10.1088/1361-6501/abcf62PDF
  • Rouven Christen; Björn Martin; Gerhard Rizzo (2021) New Experimental Approach for the Determination of the Heat Generation in a Li-Ion Battery Cell, MDPI, Basel, in: Energies Nr. 14(21). 10.3390/en14216972PDF
  • Rouven Christen; Gerhard Rizzo; Alfred Gadola; Max Stöck (2017) Test Method for Thermal Characterization of Li-Ion Cells and Verification of Cooling Concepts, MDPI, Basel, in: Batteries Nr. 3. 10.3390/batteries3010003